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1961 -- the last upside-down year; no more till 6009

International upside-down day was November 10, 2001. (01 11 10). [yy mm dd] There were others on November 6, 1990 and November 9, 1960.

Little upside-down day (U.S. only) will not be until January 11, 2010, but they had one on September 11, 1960 and June 11, 1990. If you use merely mmdd format, 10 01, 11 11 and 01 10 are upside-down every year. You get different dates with the ddmm format.

It never ceases to amaze me that everyone in Australia walks around upside-down. Yet, they don't fall off the world. Perhaps there is too much gravity in their demeanour. I assume they enjoy my favourite dessert -- upside-down cake.

It is said in the New Testament that Christ's disciples turned their world upside-down. This can also be done with less important things.

Definition: A word or number that can be upside-downed (downside-upped) to itself is a dounop. Of course this word has to be pluralized at both ends as sdounops. Here are some examples:

  • opundo
  • mow
  • swims
  • booq
  • bunq
  • pounod
  • dounop
  • dollop
  • pod

What's that you say? Some of those aren't real words? bunq I say. What kind of sbooqs do people read these days? For your brashness, write a computer program that finds all the sdounops actually in the dictionary. Supplemental question: Find all the word pairs, which when turned upside-down produce each other. The results of course differ depending on whether you use upper case or lower case. (NO, ON) and (noh, you) are such pairs but (no, ou) isn't and (NOH, HON) is a different one.

Of course 1001 is not only a palindromic number; it is also an upside down one.

A recreation centre had to drain its swimming pool at the beginning of every week for cleaning. Near the diving board, the following sign was erected:


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